The Mysterious Tower of Hercules

  • Jun 28, 2014

As a lifestyle brand GB draws inspiration from our experiences growing up in Brooklyn and spending the summer months in Galicia, Spain. This dichotomy is reflected not only in our brand name but our branding as well, you can find the Tower of Hercules sewn onto our labels, printed on shirts and available as a porcelain statue at 91 Atlantic. But what makes this iconic tower so special ? 

 It is a Roman lighthouse from ancient Brigantium dating from the 2nd century AD, in the time of Trajan, which was refurbished in 1788 by order of King Charles IV of Spain. It was designed by the Portuguese architect Cayo Sergio Lupo. The tower is divided into three sections, each successively narrower, up to the lantern. There are a total of 242 steps (that's almost as many as the Statue of Liberty or transferring to the F or G train on Smith and 9th) leading to the top of the lighthouse. The effort is well worthwhile for its magnificent views of the city of A Coruña and its coastline. The most badass thing about it ? According to mythology, Hercules cut off the head of Geryon and built this monument after burying his remains below.